Sunday, November 17, 2013

Missing papa bear

Papa's flown away on an airplane. For eight days. It is intense: lots of crying, thin patience, stomping our feet, busy breakfasts, a 20-minute process to get outside, spilled milk, running low on diapers, bumped heads, and cuddles. The kiddos are missing their daddy, and I think the twins are teething or something because for the last couple of days, one or both of them have cried unless I am holding them. What's a girl to do? Hold them. Cuddle them. Slow right down, get down on the floor and read a book. 

I have been fortunate to be reaping the benefit of living close to family and friends. Dinners have been dropped off, and then they stay and help me put the girls to bed. People have dropped in to help when they can. I am really, really feeling that moving home was the best thing for us. I am not accustomed to having this much help in tough situations: Living up north, away from our family, has made me more self-reliant and able to manage on my own. We had friends up there, a northern family, but everyone had their own families to tend to. Here is where my mom is. Here is our new home. 

I am planning a little thank-you project for the girls to help me with next week, but in the meantime, we are back in temporary survival mode until Daddy gets home. Happy anniversary, babe. :) I miss you lots!

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