Sunday, November 10, 2013

Catching Up

This week has nicely captured some of my big life themes, or lessons in progress, and served them to me raw: patience with the unpacking process, being reminded these little people need a present mama, taking time for myself, eating good-for-me foods, the long days make for good laughs later. I am so happy to be here in this house, starting our story. Together. It's a process, but we're making progress towards organizing our belonging, setting up the rooms, giving the girls a daily rhythm.

Hailey, Robin and I took a moment to watch the first snowfall of the season. We sat in front of the fireplace in the playroom, eating dried cranberries, and sang songs about snowflakes. That was a nice moment, and I am trying to remember to make more like that. Sitting quietly with the girls generates so much more love than unpacking boxes.

I let Abby decorate her littlest sister while I cooked my first homemade meal in our house. Another cure for boredom!

It has been a busy week, full of unpacking, organizing, sorting, groceries, play dates and laundry. But in between the to-dos, I have been carving out little moments with Rich, and practicing yoga, and a morning trip to the By Ward Market this past weekend.

My mum, Summer and I went for tea, walked along the farmer's booths, shopped for housewares and caught up with each other after such a busy week. I love the market. I have so many stories, so much history in that neighbourhood. I love that it is always changing, but the important parts stay the same: the farmers booths, the sidewalks, the view of the peace tower. Lucky for us, one of my other favourite places has stayed open for business: Le Boulanger Francais and its back room restaurant, Benny's Bistro.

Summer naps in Tea Store while mum and I enjoyed caramel tea and a scone.
I live here now. I can go to the By Ward market anytime. I will wake up in this house, on this street, for as long as I can imagine. These will be my walls, my stairs. These rooms will be the setting for many memories made, many conversations had. This is my place, and I feel exactly where I am supposed to


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