Friday, November 15, 2013

A Tour

Our new house is fabulous, and taking us in warmly, like a big hug. I haven't yet unpacked my hammer or nails to hang pictures, but we are otherwise all settled in. I have begun getting to know this house and conversing with it; it speaks clearly and makes its feelings known, but has proven very adaptable to our new ideas. Here, I'll show you some of my favourite parts:

Hailey and Robin share a room painted blue like the sky, and I really like it that way. It's airy, light-hearted and lends itself to imagination. Here is a bit of their shelving, up high where little hands need help to reach books. 

Summer's very own nursery has a spot for me to sit and nurse her in front of a great big window. I hope she'll grow up looking out that window and dreaming of what she'll be when she gets older.

We let Abby choose the colour for her room. It is very pink, and it makes her so happy. She thanks us for her pink walls almost every night before bed.

It may be petty and material, but I really love this shower head! It gets my hair good and soaking in seconds and feels really nice on sore shoulders.

Our fireplace mantle in the dining room is full of new home cards from family and friends, a jade plant, a fireweed stone plate and a tin moose sculpture. I am looking forward to decorating this mantle each season and holiday!

Abby brought this home from school: her first picture drawn of her family. I have the long hair, Rich looks sad, Hailey and Robin are beside him, Abby is blue and Summer, she explained is very small and has a blanket on her to keep warm, so she is the little yellow thing above Rich.

I love this face. Even more, I love cuddling this baby.

We have really enjoyed having family and friends come by for visits almost every day. It makes me so happy for the girls to get to know their family, especially my own Grama, age 87!


  1. that last picture is the most precious of them all. I love your new home, how beautiful and cozy.

  2. I love your blog, very illustrated with pictures of your own. Your a very good writer keep up the good work, thank you for sharing!


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