Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Rain

Once upon a time, I'd be sad about rainy weather on a fall weekend. It meant a lost chance at fleeting autumn days spent hiking, market-ing or otherwise adventuring. Today, the rain gave me what I needed: introspection, a quiet vibe, napping kids and having nothing pressing to do. 

I went out to get a few things and while driving through waves of heavy rainfall, I made a cozy spot in my van. I listened to 40s music to connect to a dear friend across the country who I imagined was listening to the same thing. I turned on my seat's bum warmer to ease my damp chill. I cried a few quiet tears and let myself breathe out the bad morning I'd had. 

I came home and poured a glass of hot apple cider, hugged Rich and enjoyed the rainy day. It was a little bit of pathetic fallacy to my day's scenes, and I picked up on the natural ambiance. I set to work in the basement working on a dresser refurbishing project (which sounds very DIY, but is really quite simple). Then we all went to dinner at my dad's where we all just hung out. It was nice.

Tonight, Summer gave me her first little giggle as I soaped off her armpits in the bath. I thought of the folklore that says every time a baby laughs for the first time, a fairy is born, and I smiled. Of course Summer's laugh would create her own little fairy off in a mystical land, where a little bit of magic mixes well with the natural world around us. 

I am tucking into bed tonight warm, happy and full of the good stuff: love for my family, warm cider and pleasant thoughts of goofy kids wearing underwear hats.

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