Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obligatory Autumn Photo Post

I am really having fun learning to take and edit pictures. I'm over being intimidated by terms like 'aperture' and learning to adjust the white balance. I like noticing when the light is optimal for photos at different points in my day. I stop to grab my camera, snap off a few pictures and see how they turn out. I like that I can always be learning more. 

Thus, I present, today's obligatory autumn pictures.

Direct light and harsh shadows don't make for very good pictures of people, but I've been having fun finding where shadows do work. 

I set the aperture just low enough that I can still easily identify what's in the background, but focus on my hand holding a red maple leaf. I try to remember that the more interesting pictures, to me, have people in them somewhere.

Cool lines and light contrast.

My feet! In sandals! In autumn! It's a beautiful 22-degrees and sunny day outside and I am loving it. 

It is challenging to take pictures of fast-moving subjects, and I like to at least try to get both girls in one shot, when possible. Here, I cheated and used the movement setting rather than manually adjusting the shutter speed, but that's what usually happens when I take pictures of Hailey and Robin. They move so quickly! The weather is warm, but not warm enough to go swimming outside for realz, but the girls were undaunted: they had about 25 minutes of fun playing in the empty backyard pool.

Unrelated; Summer finally fits into the little outfit I bought for the mysterious baby in my belly while shopping in Vancouver last February. I sniffed this outfit and held it up so many times before she was born!

Slightly related: Sitting at my desk while all three girls nap, sipping tea, listening to classical adagios, feeling a light breeze go through the backyard trees and onto my bare shoulders is sublime. 

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