Monday, October 28, 2013

Moving on

In answering the question, "what's new with you?", this week we will move into our new house; at long last! We moved to ottawa June 10th with a few days notice. My saint of a mother took us in, not knowing what she was signing onto. I packed one suitcase for each girl and set off for a new adventure, saying goodbye to the Yukon from my airplane seat, issuing a fond last farewell to the mountains.

We have been living out of those same suitcases, in gypsy limbo, for four and a half months. In that time, Rich has gone back to the Yukon, closed our house up and driven back to Ottawa. He started a new job. I waited to have my last baby. I had her. We cried as our Whitehorse home sale fell through. We waited until it sold again in August. Abby started school, full day kindergarten. We bought a house here, but had to wait until October 8 to own it and October 30th to move in.

We are here, we have arrived! We are no longer homeless nomads and my mom will have the serenity of her house restored to her! I will finally get to set up the nursery I carefully planned out for Summer. I will follow through on my promise to Abby to live in a new house, with all of our own things. I will sleep in a bedroom with a door on it! I will begin rotating through more than two pairs of stretchy pants again!

There are little things and big things that excite me about moving into our new house, but the biggest is the arrival. I have been so ashamed and unhappy to be living in a state of, "I'll feel better when..." Now the responsibility for my happiness is returning squarely on my shoulders and I am utterly thrilled.

I am planning to go to our big empty house the moment it becomes "ours" to officially move our new energy in. It might sounds hippy dippy (but let's face it ... I am hippy-dippy) but I am planning to cleanse out the home's old energy and bring in an air of gratitude with a very Sarah home-blessing ceremony. In private.

I have been working on cultivating gratitude. When things get crazy and I start getting down in the dumps, I find gratitude is the best antidote. It is much easier said than done, so I have been doing a few guided meditations to quiet my busy thoughts and feel thankful. When I feel like yelling explosively at the terrible twins who do not listen to my instructions ever, I try to slow down and be grateful they're here at all. or else turn my anger into comedy via baby-shaming pictures:

We're getting ready for Halloween and the big move-in weekend, so blogging might take a backseat as I'm sure you'll understand.


  1. exciting, from someone who is in the throws of exactly what you are about to do I know first hand the excitement of being finally back in your own space. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. I'm soooooo very happy for you. I'm also curious to know what this hippy-dippy house cleanse will entail.... hmmm? And on a completely different note, your writing continues to entertain me and always leaves me wanting more. Love you! xoxo

  3. Dearest Sarah...... I am also so very happy for you and the family. Life changing move as everyone will have its own space and privacy. I read each and everyone of your posts and alike Johanna, I always want more. Happy Halloween, Happy Move, Happy Life! You so deserve these amazing moments to come. Enjoy!
    p.s.: Abbey seems to be totally in love with Summer...awesome!

  4. I hope you like your new house! And haha that is totally the kind of thing id say if I Moved:)

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