Thursday, October 31, 2013

End of October

C'est l'Halloween: the kids are pumped! The rule in our house is: you can eat whatever you want on Halloween, but the next day there will only be a few treats left to ration for dessert over the next week or so. Lucky me, I get to be the candy ration-er! It's raining, and my mom says she doesn't get many kids on her street (we're still living here until we unpack at the new house this weekend), so we'll see how long Abby trick-or-treats for. Hailey and Robin are to help me give out candy (in their costumes or not? We'll see what the little dictators agree to), and Summer will be lion around (har har har). 

We might not yet be settled, but when it comes to holidays, traditions are key in feeling a predictable flow to the chaos: carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, scary music.

Then, the big move happens. We took the girls to our big empty house last night and let them run wild (we likely terrified the neighbours). We showed Abby her room, let the toddlers play in the empty bathtub, and walked around noticing all the little details we hadn't noticed on previous walkthroughs. I fed Summer and looked around at our house, wondering what kind of memories will be made. Tonight, I will go and purify it, post-Halloween fun.

Somewhere in all this hubbub, little Summer became three months old. She giggles all the time, smiles at her sisters' faces, sleeps through the night, dislikes car rides, loves the bath and has no idea there is a whole room waiting for her.

3 months old


  1. thank you for this update- oh I miss you all.
    The house looks so bright, spacious, clean and big! I can't wait to see it.
    Summer looks so big now, and so beautiful. Her smile is just adorable.
    Miss you all! A LOT! xoxox

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