Saturday, September 14, 2013

We got out!

I was feeling sorry for myself after my last post (and I loathe feeling sorry for myself because, hello! How fortunate am I?), so I made plans for an easy outing this morning. My mom came along to help Rich and I take the girls (and Skylar!) on a walk along the Ottawa River. It ended up being a very peaceful walk that got our blood pumping, our legs moving, our lungs filling and emptying of cool autumn air. 

There is an air show this weekend, so we were treated to sights of different aircraft flying overhead, much to the little girls delight. We also saw lots of boats, cyclists, joggers and other walk-appreciators out enjoying the morning. I had fun practising with my camera taking lots of those stereotypical nature close-up shots. I am disappointed to say I couldn't identify most of what I shot, but I am starting to learn the differences between local flora and fauna. 

I think Abby enjoyed returning to one of her favourite Yukon pastimes (nature walks!), and we have begun letting Hailey and Robin practice walking on designated trails in a forward motion. Skylar was clearly happy to be reunited briefly with her family, and chased every stick Abby threw, even if it was a spindly twig. Summer slept peacefully on my chest in her carrier, so all in all this walk was a win.

Everyone had fun, but notsomuch in this staged picture)
 I needed that. I needed to feel like having four young kids wasn't going to keep me housebound and stir-crazy forever. I needed to know this was doable, that we could go out into nature and find peace together. I was so proud of us, and I needed that too. Staying home and keeping things simple is what's keeping us afloat right now, but these little outings are what is keeping us happily together.

The leaves have just started to erupt into colours. I can't wait to wake up and see my mom's maple tree leaves ablaze in our backyard. I've really missed that.

See? Autumn has begun!

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  1. Score 1 for the Nimans! I'mhappy that you got out for a much needed dose of fresh air...slowly and surely these things will come back to you. They will become your normal...just maybe with a little more planning.
    And Skylar! Oh I've missed seeing her (in your pics) and hearing about how she is. You must miss her and Goober.
    Miss you! xox


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