Thursday, September 12, 2013

Staying Home

Leave it to kids to remind us, subtly, how to realign priorities. 

I came here to write about what we've been doing lately, but felt disappointed in having nothing extraordinary to report. There are apple orchards to visit, I'd love to bring the kids hiking in the fall colours of Gatineau, there's a community harvest festival next week, the farmer's markets are bursting with produce and the best flavours of tea are being sold at chain and independent coffee shops. I'd love to be out doing all of those things. I am coming to terms with the reality that while getting out and experiencing new things is fun, the effort required right now is not. 

These girls need some routine, consistency and reassurance. (Maybe I do, too).

Fall activities might have to wait until next year. At least some of them. Right now, I think it's best we all stick close to home (which is still Grama's house while we wait to gain possession of the house we've bought). Abby has gone from being the oldest child who stays with her mama to one of 23 kindergartners vying for the attention of three teachers in a new place five days a week, sans mama loving. This just weeks after welcoming a new baby to the family and moving across the country. She's doing well, but it's hard on her.  

Thankfully, there is nail polish to help ease her adjustments
Summer doesn't have a routine and has no idea this is not her permanent home, but she knows she is happiest when being held. She doesn't need to be going out and about, she just wants to be close, (to anyone, but especially me).

Listening to Andrea sing sweet songs in that amazing voice of hers
For the last few weeks, Hailey and Robin have done nearly the same thing each day, but I have seen them thrive on this little routine. They wake up, join the family for breakfast, dance a little, help dress themselves, go with Daddy for a walk to the park, come home for lunch, take a nap, wake up to play, eat dinner, have a naked dance party, then a bath, and then they sleep. In this structure, they have become fabulous climbers at the park, skilled dancers who develop new movements all the time, and increasingly civilized eaters at mealtime. (Well, by civilized, I mean they now fling their yogurt with a spoon and not just their hands). They are 18 months old and exploding into the personalities that have been there all along.

I am looking forward to getting to know them in these routine days, and seeing them surprise themselves with their newly acquired skills. When Abby is in school, these girls pick up on the freedom they have to direct their own play, and it's really fun to see what truly interests them. They like to clean, chase each other, push boxes around the loop of the main floor and help with Summer. All these things I get to notice because we stay home and forgo some of the exciting-looking activities that are just too much for our tender souls to handle right now.

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