Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snapshot: today

I am at home alone with the three little girls (all under 2...that is still insane, to me) so not much time to post today. Right now they are ALL asleep (alleluia!) and I am eating some lunch, sipping tea and I just finished a short yoga session. I'll take my me-time when I can get it! Because once their little eyes open and their heads life, it is go time and there's no looking back!

Summer must have heard my thoughts, she's squirming in her bassinet just now. Time to go nurse her! It'll be nice if we can fit the full 30-minute nursing cuddles in without being interrupted by a toddler flinging herself down the stairs or the other crawling onto the dining room tabletop. Lord, give me patience.


  1. Does she ever look like a mini-Abby!

  2. I second the first comment... In the second photo she is an exact little Abby!

  3. Lady, you astound me! Four kidlets, all so small, and you're doing it! And yoga, too!?!? I'm in awe!


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