Monday, September 30, 2013

Hiking lessons

I can't get over autumn here: it just keeps going! It doesn't quit after three weeks, as it does in the Yukon. The time away from autumn has definitely made me appreciate it as more than just a season for pumpkin spice, Halloween and my birthday. Here, I am finding it to be a time to re-set priorities before we all resign ourselves to winter, busy schedules and the holidays. In that spirit, I re-set our priority to use our spare time carefully, and not devote it to shopping, driving, Internet-surfing or any other time-suck activities that don't contribute much to a meaningful life. So, we went for a walk.

I found a great set of trail maps for trails in and around Ottawa. We had an hour and a bit the other morning, so we drove down to Petrie Island to check out the 1.5 km trail with the three little girls (Abby was in school). It was hard on our stroller (our good trail one is in pieces in our storage locker), but worth it for the wildlife we spotted and the enjoyment garnered from the calm, sunny morning spent on the marshland and waterfront.

We let the girls practice their hiking skills, which for now are limited to walking forwards and staying on the trail. They loved sitting with me on a park bench on the beach while I nursed Summer, and I think they have begun to learn to quietly appreciate serene moments listening to water lap the shore. My little Aquariuns.

I loved letting them kick through fallen leaves, pick up rocks and sticks, hold things up for me to label. They are learning so much, so fast, it's no wonder their little constitutions can't handle all the information they're taking in, resulting in the occasional tantrum. They're learning is all, and it's such a reward to see them finally grasp a concept or say a new word. Thanks for the free morning lesson, nature. The hippy mama in me is happy and at peace.

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  1. It keeps going this year here around Whitehorse too! LONGEST fall EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


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