Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Day of School

Thanks for the positive responses and Facebook messages you sent me about my previous post. It IS hard sometimes and it IS a challenge to sacrifice big parts of ourselves, even short term. But it is a comfort and a great support to hear "we're in it with you," and "we've been there." So thank you for taking the time to tell me, it brightened my day!

A few other things have been brightening my days. Aside from the obvious baby snuggles, kiddo cuddles and husband hugs, I've been feeling uplifted by the delicious food my mother-in-law brings us, and a new online yoga class website that lets me fit a practice in whether I have 10 minutes to spare, or 60. I've been feeling really unrested being away from my own home with my own things, so returning to the mat and finding solace in the asanas has been really grounding. I can go on and on about how restorative and healing my yoga practice has been in my life, but I won't. I don't like sounding preachy. But it's there for me now as it has been before and I'm happy to return to my happy place.

Yes, it happened: Abby started school. It was a very cliched experience that has been shared by many parents throughout time, but this was mine. I helped her pick her outfit, I packed her a healthy lunch, I wrote her name on her belongings with a Sharpie marker. She was so excited to go to school, and told me that morning, "I'm ready, Mom. I'm ready to go to school." 

Her Dad and I walked her up to the schoolyard, gave her a hug and watched her run over to her teacher without looking back. The teacher closed the gate on us, and I cried. I left quickly, so the other kids wouldn't see a parent crying. I took a deep breath and let go of the little girl who spent all of her days with me. Just as she told me, she was ready for school. I just hadn't given any thought as to how unprepared I felt to let her go.

She loved her first day, and thought taking a nap at school was pretty cool. She was all smiles, and looked so small next to the other students coming out the side door at the end of the day. My little lady, growing up.

I'm excited to have the chance to send more focused time with Hailey and Robin during our weekdays. When Summer is asleep, we'll be free to do whatever they want, and maybe join some classes at the local library branch. They love playing with their big sister, but their little personalities really come out to play when they are the stars of the show.

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