Thursday, September 26, 2013

60 Days of Summer

I've said from the beginning that this last baby was going to be a funny one. Not strange or peculiar, but comical. That, she is. Summer makes me laugh every day, almost every time I look at her. Her face is growing so animated. She was born with a dubious expression on her face and she continues to take in her surroundings looking as though she is amused and a little concerned. Her sisters, daddy and I love taking turns holding her, calling out, "come see this face!" She is full of surprises for us.

Today she is two months old and the two of us as a unit are turning a corner. She is sleeping in more predictable patterns. I am recognizing in her the person she is becoming. We are both enjoying each other's company, finding our rhythm and celebrating her babyhood more and more. She is such a sweet, good little baby. I am so lucky to have her, and so lucky she is so mild-mannered and calm among our life's chaos right now.

What a growth-filled two months these last two have been! For both of us.


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