Friday, August 23, 2013

The chaos

Things are in flux again in these parts. In a good way, I think. Abby is preparing to start kindergarten.  As her mother, this makes me feel complicated things: I am curious as to how she'll do (she usually surprises me). I am hesitant to send her out to spend the majority of her days under someone else's wing. I am excited to have one less kid to manage during weekdays (if I'm being totally honest, and I am). I am sad to see her transition from little lady to school-age kid. She will be exposed to much wider range of influences: some positive, some not. I trust that she has the strength of spirit to stand up for herself and for what's right, but I worry that the strength of her convictions might also get her into trouble with other headstrong kids and, well, authority figures. We'll see!

We are also happy to say our home in Whitehorse has sold, so we are working on buying one here and (finally!) setting up shop. I am so relieved to have a deadline to this gypsy lifestyle we've been living, and to provide my girls with a home of our own again. Real estate gods, please continue to smile upon us and help us find the home of our dreams ... in our price range!

We've started feeling more like a family of six. Summer is nestling her way right into her role as baby of the house. Hailey and Robin have finally accepted that she is here to stay and are warming up to her. They love to look at her while she sleeps, help burp her, touch her hair (and eyes, yikes) and sing little songs. Abby loves being the authority on Summer's likes and dislikes and jokes with her all the time. "Summer, you can't be hungry again, can you? Oh yes, you need to get bigger and bigger!"

I am feeling more like myself, and less like the crazy haggard lady who just birthed her fourth kiddo. These days, I am much more excited to get out for walks (wearing Summer), run on small errands, prepare for my best friend's wedding next week (wedding prep as a bridesmaid is so much fun!), and taking more care of me and my breastfeeding needs. That means drinking lots of water, eating lots of oats, lots of skin-to-skin time with Summer (I call it Summertime, cuz I'm corny like that), and wearing shirts and dresses with easy boobie access.

Deepak Chopra knows where I'm at. He said,"All great changes are preceded by chaos." Word.


  1. Yay to selling the house and I hope you find one in Ottawa soon :)

  2. Great pictures and quote! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a question I have about your blog :-) My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)

    1. why don't you email me, if you have a question. My email address is in my profile.


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