Sunday, August 4, 2013

Round here

We've got some proud big sisters. Abby has been formidable when it comes to holding and singing to Summer. this picture was taken first thing in the morning when Abby could hardly begin her day without first sitting in silent meditation with her little sister.

I am so, so excited any chance I get to refer to "my girls" or "my daughters." Rich has been receiving more than his fair share of ribbing about his harem of ladies, but I can see he couldn't be prouder. I am so excited to watch the sisterhood between these four girls grow and flourish. Whatever that means: all in balance, I am excited that these girls have each other forevermore. My brother pointed out that at one point I will have four girls between 13 and 17 living under my roof-- and that is quite an overwhelming thought-- but then I think how cool it would have been as a teenager to have three sisters so close in age. 

In the present, we are keeping things pretty basic around here: friends have been visiting every day since we came home, dropping off meals for us. My mom organized a meal schedule and it has been a godsend, truly. We go for short walks, I sit and nurse Summer most of the day (and night), and we all ebb and flow between cabin fever and a need for the familiar comforts of home. 

We are in survival mode, watching more than our usual quotient of movies, eating more than the usual amount of sugary treats and convenience foods, but we are all pretty happy. Especially our youngest little lady, who smiled her first big smiles today. Definitely not gas-related ones, either! I'm the first to admit that the newborn stage isn't my favourite, but those gummy smiles and newborn cuddles between relentless midnight feeding sessions and leaky diapers are pretty redeeming.


  1. I would have loved to have sisters - and close in age ones - while growing up (instead of my two step-brothers). The Fella and I both come from big extended families, and have agreed that we want multiple children because we want that chaotic family. So happy for you :)

  2. I love having a sister and your girls are very lucky to have 3!!! I love the picture of Abby and Summer. She's so proud :)

  3. Abbey is glowing with happiness and pride for her littlest baby sister. You can see the intense and deep loving connection she has with Summer. She adores her twin sisters of course but this time around, she is that much older and is so enjoying these very precious times of closeness with Summer. Three sisters! A dream... I had 4 bros! How lucky indeed your girls will be to have each other especially as adolescents!


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