Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Ah, summertime.

It's such a romantic, evocative, enlightening time of year. I always feel I blossom in summer: I tap into new creative wells, I carpe diem, I laugh and smile a lot more, I make memories, I feel really connected with the world around me. In that connection, I feel like the blooming flowers, warming lakes and visible wildlife rub off on me. They give off an energy that makes me feel I am growing, my soul warming and my eyes are seeing things anew. 

That's what I need right now, and that's what I am finding really refreshing: that summertime energy. I'm not feeling bursts of energy the way Abby is, but I am feeling a kind of buzzing that encourages me to get out for a walk, bring the girls in their stroller to the woods, find a quiet body of water and soak it in. Truthfully, it's getting physically harder to corral everyone and get out of the house (especially in the heat), but oh, it is always worth it. It brings a great calm to me, and to the girls. 

This morning we met with our wonderful Yukon friends for a walk and we both needed the quiet reminders that come with wildflowers blowing in the wind. Abby loved having a friend who could run and keep up with her (she's long given up on me keeping up!). Hailey and Robin loved watching the trees dance and boats sail past. And this little surprise baby calmed down long enough to let me enjoy my walk without the added 'excitement' of triple flips and rolls.

36 weeks!

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  1. It was just what I needed to. Love to you and your summer baby belly. xox


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