Thursday, July 18, 2013

On Mama Love

I have been reflecting a lot these last few weeks about the nature of motherhood. How it has changed me, where it has taken me, and what I have learned on the journey. I have been thinking about what a great responsibility it is to know that my demeanour and words have such great impact on my girls' days, development, thoughts and understanding. I practice staying calm during stress, and they slow down too. I use soft words when they are acting like bipolar hyenas, and it brings them back down to earth (for brief moments). I tell them they are clever and amazing when they figure something out and their faces beam with proud smiles.

It is really something, mama love. I have loved my family growing up, my friends, and of course I love the man I married. I love writing, and swimming in fresh water, and a good creme brûlée. But all those loves are different, and don't hold a flame to the love I have for my babies. 

I love Rich pretty fiercely and would do just about anything for him. It's a deep love and it is always developing into something more. But I love my kids with a degree of protection, and enthusiasm, that is so different than anything else. I love them as their mother. My body grew them all and fed them, and now I teach them how to be the best versions of themselves as they grow independent of me. I get to reflect daily on what mothering has taught me, on how it has been to reconnect with my inner child and light. 

As I put the finishing touches on this little baby, I am so curious about what mothering him or her will mean Will this baby challenge me right from the get-go? Turn my world upside down? Or fit seamlessly into the family around him or her? Either way, I am ready and open to learn from a teeny being all over again and watch my motherhood experience branch off in a new direction.

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  1. I completely agree. Mama love is the best feeling in the whole world!


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