Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cottage Day

I had a totally 'summer' moment yesterday: I was floating on an inflatable chair, toes in the water, sun drying my skin after jumping into the lake. Two of my best friends and I having really good catch-up talks while we sipped cold drinks and enjoyed an afternoon at the cottage. No pressing needs, no obligations, no phones. While my soul unwound itself of worry, it was also being enriched by the presence of my best friends. They make me feel like me, if that makes any sense. Not writer me, not mama me, but the very core foundation of me: the one they've known since I was nine years old.

We drove up to work on wedding crafts (Kaylee's getting married this summer!), but really, we just needed to be at the cottage. Need is a strong word, I know, but its use is justified here. I haven't been a consistent presence in their lives for over six years and there is a lot of catching up to do. Good stuff, good talks, hugs and the bonding happens when we share beautiful afternoons together. I was so grateful for the chance to devote a weekend to reconnecting with my closest friends without being distracted by mama duties.

The chance to share the last moments of this pregnancy with my best friends is something I'll cherish forever. I can feel in my blood and bones how connected this baby already is to our friends and family in Ottawa. I loved grabbing their hands to hold over my belly, watching delight spread over their faces as they felt this baby's little hands and feet jab them. This baby may not have a home yet, but oh is it ever surrounded by love.


  1. looks like you are exactly where you belong

  2. I keep just thinking you are on holidays and will be back up here soon. Does it feel the same way to you too?

    1. Sometimes it feels like i'll be soon returning to everything familiar about the Yukon, and other times it feels like we are here for good. i'm thinking once we move into a house it'll sink in a bit!


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