Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saying goodbye

Six summers ago, Rich and I moved here without much money, carrying two suitcases, and engaged to be married. We were scared of this new place, but very excited for the adventures a move to the Yukon promised. We were so young, and had no idea what was in store for us. I think of those two people tonight with a maternal warmth. They would grow so much and begin a life together in some very unusual circumstances. 

Our time in the Yukon has been an epic tale. There have been great triumphs, unexpected plot twists, exciting developments, crushing heartbreak, a slew of memorable characters, and a lot of progress. I look back and see that everything happened exactly how it was supposed to; everything that has happened to us here came right when we needed it. 

Happy Highlights:
- Meeting Chris and Brittany our first week here and forming a wonderful friendship based on shared experiences/life stages, loyalty, honesty and trust. 
- Writing as a daily reporter at the Star, and getting paid to cover some especially interesting stories.
- Beginning to see the world through the lens of a police officer's wife
- Adopting our cat and dog
- Starting our marriage in our little rented duplex
- Our time in Ross River and the incredibly unique opportunities it afforded us
- The birth of Abby
- Getting to know an online friend who has become one of my best friends when she and her family moved to Whitehorse three years ago
- Dog sledding, and covering the Yukon Quest
- Watching the northern lights dance across the sky
- Meeting some very Yukon characters and feeling like a local while working at Mac's Fireweed Books
- Buying our first home in Whitehorse
- Giving birth to Hailey and Robin
- Getting pregnant with this baby!
- Trips to Alaska
- Eating game meat and learning first nation customs of living off the land

There are more, and as I prepare to move out of this place with a one-way ticket in a few short days, my mind is constantly buzzing, thinking of more stories, more things we've done here of which I must take stock. There are to-dos before we go, things we need to get in place before we can pack up and go, but what's keeping me awake at night and scatterbrained during the day is this feeling that I want to memorialize and capture everything. All our time here has been incredibly enriching, and as I prepare to move from it geographically, I don't want the things that make me who I am today to fade into memories that are one day difficult to conjure. 

One last belly shot at our first family home

It is a sad thing to say goodbye, knowing I will not return here for a good many years, if ever. It is something I have not done before and something I don't think I could have prepared for. I am letting myself feel it, and trying to take it all in before this place becomes a chapter in my life that I turn the page on, once and for all.


  1. The Yukon is going to be mighty different without the presence of the Niman Family! We wish you all the best of luck with your move and getting settled into your new (old) southern life!

  2. I just managed to stop crying and now here I go again. Sister Wives forever!

    1. Forever! sorry for baring my shoulders and collar bone in the picture.

  3. Hussy! How dare you show so much skin!
    Oh we love you sarah (and the whole Niman crew).
    I can only imagine that it is very hard to say goodbye to this chapter of your lives. The North has shaped who you are today in so many ways. You've grown as a family and as individuals, and this place will always be your home in a way.
    I like how you are taking it all in and allowing yourself to feel everything.
    xox We will miss you so so so very much.
    ps. I'll be calling/skyping you pretty much everyday

  4. I can't believe everything is happening so quickly!

    I have loved reading about your Northern Life...and I can't wait to read all about your next adventures in Ontario!

    Safe Travels!


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