Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring ... it's real!

Don't worry-- it's spring now. Even though there was a snowstorm leaving 20cm of snow in its wake (and on my driveway) on May 1st, May 7th brought T-Shirt weather. And melting snowbanks, and kids riding bikes through puddles, and flood warnings, and babies who can go out in their strollers for walks wearing fleece sweaters as sufficient outerwear.

Halleluia. That was close.

Our plants have maximized on their current real estate and desperately need to be planted outside, away from the destructive plotting of one Goober cat. A week or two more and the last of snow should recede, providing a welcome home to our waiting marigolds and "colourful annuals," (as the left-hand side flowers were described on the seed packet Abby chose).

While we wait for Mother Nature to finish cleaning up from winter and get serious about spring, Abby began work on some garden decorations from a kit she received as a birthday gift. In it were six wooden ornaments that she painted, covered in glitter glue and stickers and let dry. My homework tonight is to affix them to the provided wooden stakes and then hope to God they stay stuck, at least until they go into our flower bed.

This warmer weather is so encouraging. Just when I thought I couldn't take windshield scraping and snow-tromping any longer, redemption came in the form of bare arms. I took a nice walk with a friend today and actually was concerned about sun protection-- what a novelty! 

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