Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Last year, spring cleaning happened at a very minimal level. With twin newborns in the house, I crossed items off of my short list sporadically, or when helpful family members visited and took over twin duties for brief periods. This year, the spring cleaning list is consequently longer. I, however, am a little slower moving. Rich has been helping do some of the man-strength items like vacuuming under the couches and taking large bags and bins to the thrift store, recycling depot and dump. I am crossing things off, slowly but surely, and I am optimistic that by the time full-fledged summer is here and a baby is ready to be born that we will be house-ready.

One of the things I have been big on is de-cluttering. I don't want to move with us anything we won't use. I can't stand the thought of schlepping some useless doodad around with us, house to house, because I was too lazy to get rid of it. I am satisfied now, having gone through each room of the house where I purged torn books, stained shirts, ruined papers, annoying toys and bags full of other unnecessary "stuff."

In doing so, I feel much better about how I organized the bathroom cabinet. Finally, the medicines are up on the highest shelf, and away from the accidental overdosing children. I moved most of my makeup-toiletries and Rich's shower stuff to the downstairs bathroom, because it's the one we use most often. I put the loose scissors, razors, tweezers and combs into a mug from one of my favourite Maine restaurants, so I can smile when I see it.

Then the kids' stuff and what I have come to call my hippy medicine chest: homemade lavender oil for eczema, homemade eucalyptus rub for congested chests, calamine lotion, Advil and Tylenol, thermometer, green hand sanitizer, sunscreen, essential oils, itch powder and Vaseline--which I know isn't holistic or green but man: a good dose of Vaseline can be a cure-all.

One of the cute things about this house is the display shelf under the cabinet. I put our prom picture and some of our shared fave books (that can double as great bathroom reading) in colours matching the bathroom's colour scheme (that you can't see in this picture). Operation: Spring Clean/Nesting Overdrive is in full swing!


  1. Prom picture, too cute!! I love that your nesting has kicked in...just in time for the spring clean/purge! Feels good doesn't it :)

  2. It is so cute that you included your prom picture!


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