Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ode to Mothers Everywhere

 As it is, I imagine, for most mothers, I have deep feelings about mother's day. I feel very loved and appreciated by my family most days, and enjoy the gesture of cards, breakfast in bed and small gifts on this particular occasion. I don't want anything expensive because, as the chief financial officer, I know our resources are limited. I don't want a gourmet meal, because I know it will cause stress to those unaccustomed with preparing anything more complicated than grilled cheese. Waffles in bed make me smile pretty wide, especially when they are paraded in by my family bearing sweet, homemade cards and gifts.

The sun, growing fireweed and, apparently, aided by Angry Birds characters.

My first gift made entirely by Abby:
Body scrub with avocado oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, epsom salts and grape seed oil.

I know today celebrates what I do, what role I have taken on, but I don't feel entirely comfortable accepting praise when I am still so new to the game, and have such big shoes to fill. My mother has already been put through the gauntlet by my siblings and I, and I now idolize her. She has gone where I have not. I am still being mothered by her, and she has attained a level of patience and understanding that is still beyond me. I will always have something to learn from her.

I truly believe that mothers know something everyone else does not. That "something" is hard to articulate, but it is a perspective shaped by understanding human nature, patience, maternal nurturing and love. It is being quietly proud that I am part of a sisterhood that has kept the earth's population growing. Kings, rulers, poets, leaders, all come from mothers. We are given a great responsibility and great power, and that is intimidating. That humbling power changes us. Not all of us, but those who accept motherhood as part of their being, learn from this role and see things differently.

We are the source of all life. Science, with all its advances, has not come up with a way to introduce a new human being to the earth without the vehicle of a human mother. The process needs the incalculable magic and mystery of a mother.

Not every sect of society and certainly not every individual celebrates women as life-givers, or even as equals. I think that denies credit due to those who transcend the boundaries between life and creation, between God and humanity, by bringing people to life. It is a mystical and sacred thing women do, and I feel it now more than ever with a little miracle fish-flopping and kicking inside me as I type. As I look at the faces of the beings who began inside me as two cells.

Another instalment in the "photos Abby has ruined" series

Cards from my grandmother, mom and faraway friend. Garden decorations by Abby.
Today I raise a cup of tea to the legions of mothers who have come before me, for you are responsible for every single person's existence on this planet. Woah!

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