Monday, May 20, 2013

May Long Forecast

The May long weekend up here can either be soul-crushingly disappointing (snow in the end of May?) or soul-satisfyingly warm and wholesome. I have had some gooders: I remember planting our front flower beds in the sunlight, wearing my straw hat, letting Abby help until she gets bored and starts drawing chalk people. I remember being really sad that there was still ice on top of lakes when we roamed around the area surrounding Ross River for my first May long weekend. 

In either scenario, good or bad, I have this tendency to use the May long weekend as a significant marker in time. It feels like an official transition to a new season; a kind of clairvoyant forecast for the spring and summer to come. Sunny skies? Great summer weather. Snow and hail? Maybe a not-so-nice summer. And that's the amateur weather almanac system I employ up here.

This year, I will use the vibe of this year's May long weekend to set the tone for the coming summer months and ignore the weather. I travelled down the highway to Skagway, Alaska with two girlfriends for a girls' road trip--sans kids. It was so refreshing to connect with those women without the distraction of temper tantrums or spilled milk. We took the hour-and-a-half wait at the border in stride, because we could just keep chatting and singing along with the 90s station. We leisurely shopped in cute tourist-y stores and took our time savouring our meals because we were in no rush. We just enjoyed it all, and had some really, really good talks.

We enjoyed the flash-forward in the weather calendar, marked by sprouting plants, leafy trees and ice-less water. (Skagway's coastal climate is more warm and humid than Whitehorse). It was cleansing to smell the ocean air as the coastal winds whipped our hair into our faces. We scanned the inlet for heads, tails or blowholes but the sea life must have been partying somewhere else.

We talked about what's important: big picture and up-close zoom lens. We laughed and cried and gave ourselves pedicures in the hotel room while sipping wine and eating American chocolate bars. (My fave was the white chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups-wow!). We checked in with our families (couldn't resist!) but enjoyed the luxury of sleeping through the night, waking up to our own body clocks and spending some rare time doing things as the grown women we are-- and not as moms on call.

We drove home to be greeted by snowfall in Whitehorse, foreboding and dismal. But we were rested, well-fed, rejuvenated and ready to welcome our kids back into our arms. And that's what I'm taking as my thematic vibe going froward with life post-May long weekend.


  1. couldn't have said it any better, thank you Shawah for a weekend I'll always remember. xox

  2. Sounds heavenly! A much more relaxing and uplifting kid free weekend than mine ha. Girls weekend away without the mom duties, awesome!!


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