Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How We Spent Our Wednesday

Abby and I woke up to clear, blue skies pouring in our window and the excitement of an adventure buzzing in the air. We hurried through breakfast, and she did everything I asked of her -- the first time, no less. We were going to visit a goat farm with her preschool. Field trip!

Abby loved the newborn goats best, and took her turn cradling this one in her arms. She thought it was cool that the goats had long, rock star beards, and that the rooster's call could be heard from anywhere on the farm. She was very gentle and calm with the animals, which I'm sure took a lot of self-control, because she was bursting with excitement and happiness. I was too.

We ate a picnic lunch at Lake Laberge after finishing goat-handling. (Does the place sound familiar? It's the setting of a famous poem). The lake hasn't yet thawed, but it was beautiful and picturesque. 

In my books, a day spent cuddling newborn goats, going on a road trip with my oldest girl, and having a picnic on a pristine beach is a pretty amazing day.

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