Thursday, May 30, 2013


Yesterday, after six years adventuring in the North and growing my family, I finally got to say the phrase I didn't know I'd ever get to say again. 

"I'm coming home."

We received the official A-OK from Rich's work to transfer back to Ottawa this summer. I am so glad, and after waiting so long I can hardly believe it's true. Our kids will get to see their grandparents and relatives on a regular basis. I'll get to attend graduations, weddings, birthdays and thanksgivings with my family again. I'll get to incorporate the people we love most into our own family celebrations. It might not be forever, but for the foreseeable future, our kids will get to grow up near their extended families.

This means the world to me.

When I moved up here six years ago, unmarried, fresh out of university, poor, I couldn't imagine ever wanting to go back home. At least not until we'd exhausted ourselves adventuring around the country with Rich's job taking us to new, unexplored lands. Starting a family, going through hard times and feeling distance has made us re-align our priorities. For the better, I think. Adventures in new places are fun, and are still on the table with Rich's job, but being near family is so important to us with such young kids.

Now, there's still the business of birthing a baby this summer and we all know they don't pay any mind to schedules, plans or moving. So, we'll see how the moving adventure intersects with the baby adventure but either way, within the next 90 days, we'll be living back in Ottawa.


  1. Yipppeee!

    Of course we are sad to see you all go, but it sure sounds like a happy to move home!

  2. Hooray I am so glad you are finally getting something so owed to you. Happy Adventures!

  3. I didn't know yellow tail made champagne! Good luck on the big move I bet your family is ecstatic with you guys living closer!



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