Thursday, May 2, 2013


The playoffs are upon us. Rich gave me warning that they were coming, and offered both a shrug and a sly grin because he knows it, and I know it: his priorities now shift to include Ottawa Senators games. Our afternoon walks are arranged around game time, and he agrees to watch/sufficiently monitor kids during hockey games while I prepare dinner on the days he is home from work. Go Sens go!

We have been having some worries up here about our impending summer move, and feeling a bit of the helplessness that comes with being an RCMP family. Baby is coming, and it is making me itch not knowing if we'll be here or somewhere else. I am feeling very off-kilter and unprepared when I'm not sure whether to set up a nursery or not, make summer plans or not. We're doing what we can and trying very hard to be patient. Isn't that something I promised myself I'd work on? 

In the meantime, I'm aware that the kids have no idea what we're worrying about and that makes it easy to dive into our days with joy, ambition and happiness. Their enthusiasm rubs off on me easily, and my days give me so many reasons to stop, look around and smile. I am renewed by things like afternoon nap time for mama (wherein I nest, spring clean, organize and prepare dinner), and morning activities like bread-making, because they give me some direction, even if only for the short-term.

This picture was actually taken at 8:30 p.m.! The sun has been staying up much longer as we near the solstice.

It goes almost without saying that regardless what stresses circle around our heads, I am still very in love with what's going on in my middle.

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  1. you are such a patient, strong and wonderful mama. It must be incredibly hard having to wait for an answer, especially when you are 6 months along... everyone knows that a pregnant mama needs to nest and settle down, how can you do that with all this unknown.
    Hoping for an answer soon.


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