Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend and warming up

We enjoyed a girls weekend at casa de Sarah, with daddio away at a broom ball tournament. It wasn't full of "girls night" cliches, what with me being off the wine and the little girls being pretty regimented in their bedtimes. I briefly toyed with the idea of inviting Abby to share the bed with me and watch a movie one night, but then I remembered how luxurious a Queen-sized bed to myself would be and selfishly retreated my train of thought about pillow fights and popcorn. Besides that, after full days with three vivacious ladies, I met 7:00 feeling pretty devoid of life-energy (minus the kicking and rolling going on in my abdomen).

Spring and the almost laughable concept of sandal weather are still a ways off, but Abby and I thought we better stay on top of our pedicures.  I can still manage to position myself awkwardly across the floor and reach my toes, so while I waited for my pink piggies to dry, I helped Abby purple and sparklify hers.
Waiting's the hardest.

Then, never one to discourage experimentation nor independence, I let Abby do her own hands and discover the left-hand-painting-right-hand conundrum.

It was relatively warm (meaning above freezing!) Sunday, and Abby really wanted to take her bike out for a ride after seeing so many other Yukon kids brave slushy ice patches and melting snow banks on theirs. **Disclaimer: I know I said Rich was away, and he was, but the babies were sleeping so soundly and Abby wanted to ride her bike so badly that I did what any Libra would do: I balanced. We walked up and down our end of the street, and each time we passed our house I'd run up to the door and listen in for any signs of awakening. 

In the meantime, Abby rocked that bike ride and learned to glide gracefully through slush and ice. We have her on a balance bike for now, because I am hoping to avoid training wheels at all. We'll see if that pans out! For now, she is totally digging it.

Each morning, we have been watering and thinning our planted flowers, which seem to be doing well in spite of repeated poking, prodding, cat-sniffing, and yogurt splashes landing in the soil.

We all had fun together, camping out on the home front. I didn't make many leave-the-house plans because, realistically, I knew I'd get sore and tired and be out of commish for the rest of the day, which isn't an option with a no-backup parenting system. So we watched movies, did some painting, read stories, took naps and collaborated on meal prep. Rich came home late Sunday sore, but feeling heroic after losing in the finals. He told us it was fun to be out on his own, but he missed his ladies, big and small.

We were all thrilled to see him and have everyone back under one roof.

Love Skylar's intense focus on this doggy dentastick, waiting for me to release it.


  1. hee hee Skylar looks like she's in an advertisement for a doggy pregnancy test staring intently looking for that positive.

  2. bahahah Carol-Ann! Totally!
    Love the pictures and the recap of your lovely weekend. Abby is doing great on her bike!


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