Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter dinner

I went to bed yesterday with a smile on my face (and a full belly) after such a nice Easter dinner. It felt so nice to have so many of the people we love most up here congregated over ham dinner, nuzzling downy baby heads, cutting up the kids potatoes and clinking glasses. Beyond the joy of the hams turning out well, and the dinner rolls having risen nicely, I felt accomplished to have accumulated such a strong, loyal and fun communion of friends up here. The feeling of love was almost tangible in my kitchen, if that's not too flighty of me to say.

Abby was pleased as punch to help set the table and prepare for Easter dinner with her friends. She loves amassing groups of like-minded, fun and happy friends as much as do I. She told me, when I tucked her in last night, how happy she was to run and laugh with all her friends.

I made my Grandma's scalloped potatoes recipe with corn flakes on top, and though it didn't turn out very well (I think I needed to put it on the higher rack in the oven) it made me feel connected to our far-away family. We also spent the morning Skyping with out parents, and it melted my heart to see Hailey and Robin light up with recognition seeing their grandparents' faces. Thank goodness for modern technology, especially on holidays. It's not a Grama cuddle, but it's pretty satisfying.

We also received lovely parcels of Laura Secord Easter chocolates, some fairy toys for the girls,
and colourful cards to decorate our mantel, all from family back home.
We set the table for the kids and babies to eat first, before we shuffled them downstairs with a movie and a bowl of popcorn while the adults dined. It worked out well and meant we could all eat in a relaxed state of non-rushedness-- something most of us parents don't get to indulge in often!

But my favourite moment was looking up to see all the Dads leaning against the counter talking about whatever dads talk about, all sipping daintily from their champagne flutes. I forgot to run out and get wine beforehand, but we did have a nice cache of sparkling wine on hand, so that's what we served. Very classy up in here, I tell you.

I am enjoying a quiet day at home before Rich returns to work and we return to our daily rhythms, perhaps enhanced by leftover Easter treats. In continuing our celebrations of new life Abby and I are set to plant some flower seeds that we hope to transplant into our garden in a few months, when the frost has left us in its wake. Today it is snowing on top of the two feet of snow already sitting on my lawn. Grumble!

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