Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bellies and Books

Welcome to my uterus, I feel like saying. I've been getting some weird, but mostly nice comments about my burgeoning belly from most everyone I see. I love it. I love the belly- the round arch for me to rub my hands over, the kicks and jabs as this little babe grows, and the way I bump it into counter tops and people because I am not yet used to its size. It is wham! There! In your face! (Sometimes wham! Abby's face! As was the case yesterday when I knocked her over with my middle. Ooops!)

This is really rounding off to a close soon. I don't want it to end. I love being pregnant. And this is the last go-round, my victory lap. I can't wait to meet the little person growing inside me, but I really want this to be just us two for much longer. This secret bond is so special, I don't want to share it yet. I am enjoying our baths, yoga time, some quiet meditation, feeding it whatever it wants (or whatever I think it wants) and pensive walks outside as the weather slowly warms to springtime. Springtime, then summer and then baby is here- wow!

I have been feeling very nesty and into spring cleaning. But not scrubbing things and dusting, like I ought to be. More organizing, de-cluttering and rearranging. I have been on a book kick lately, arranging their piles and rows around the house. One of my favourite ways to decorate is to use books, especially old hardcovers. They just give a space a really cozy, storytelling vibe. 

I love looking at other people's book shelves and I set my own up carefully, cycling new titles in for old ones as I collect new favourites. I think once I'm done my current book, I'll re-visit some of my favourites that I shelve here at home. Maybe The Birth house, which I read the last weeks of my pregnancy with Abby. Or a good summertime epic tale, like Edgar Sawtelle.


  1. oh the birth house has wormed itself into my favorites list

  2. that reminds me I need to finish birth house, I started it and loved it but then got crazy busy and tired and it was due at the library! Gosh I can't believe how big your bump is already, time really is flying this time isn't it. I feel the same way, I can't wait to meet this person, but I want to (try) and enjoy the last month and half as much as possible no matter how uncomfortable I am getting haha.
    You look stunning Sarah!!!


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