Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another Random, (sorry!)

I know I just did one of these, "all over the place" posts, my apologies. There is very little cohesion to my thought patterns these days. I am all over the place. I am very easily distracted, be it by dishes, the sudden urge for rooibos tea or a funny thought I have to remember to share with a friend before I forget. (It really is a shame when my clever thoughts get wasted, they happen so infrequently!)

One thing that I've been trying to make a consistent effort with, though, is food. I am very hungry, which can easily turn to hangry if I don't exercise forethought to prepare a snack or meal. Yeah, hangry. You know the feeling. Meal plans help, and I try to write down in my agenda once a week or so to make muffins or bars or something protein-filled, low-sugar that I can eat and feel good about sharing with the three little faces whining for some too. 

We're still waiting for the snow to melt, so the idea of spring or summer produce is a laugh. Instead, I made a butternut squash soup this week, infused with carrot juice (good for building blood supply), apples and homemade broth. It was surprisingly filling and made me feel better about growing this baby on more than ice cream and brie cheese.

Want to see something cute? I received this letter from my Grama today. We often write letters back and forth because G-ma does not computerize, and it's easy to put recent prints of family pics in an envelope and send them off. I usually stick to using one stamp purchased recently, but Grama went for a collection of vintage stamps totalling 65 cents this time. I love her letters because she tells me what she did the day she wrote it, what the weather's been like, and what her old lady friends are up to. 

I had hoped to get around to planting some bedding flower seeds over the weekend with the girls and we did! It was a total mess-fest, with Abby spooning potting soil into our starter pods and Robin spooning it out onto her pants. It's been a few days and already some very small green sprouts are beginning to curl up out of the dirt, delighting Abby and, of course, me. I'm hoping enough will flourish into blooms we can actually put in our garden come spring which we expect in another two months. Sigh. 

This picture of Skylar cracks me up. I call it "Macaroni Dog." She looks so stupid sitting under Hailey's high chair begging for KD, oblivious to the pieces that have fallen and stuck to her head. I love stupid dogs more, because they're just that much more needy and appreciative.

I leave you with this last picture from the end of our day, before I go turn my brain off to some Modern Family on PVR, while I greedily recline and feast on nachos. I have been craving sliced avocados like crazy and have been putting them on anything.

Time for bath! Good night!

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