Monday, April 15, 2013

Acknowledging the twin factor

I have been spending my weekend enjoying Hailey and robin's twin-ness. Most of the time, I make a concerted effort not to focus on it. I try not to refer to them as, "the babies" but by their names. I avoid saying "the twins," whether they are in earshot or not, because I don't want them to feel as though they are some package deal. I try never to categorize their personalities: people are already so curious which is the "shy one" and which is the "outgoing one." I try to answer that I am blessed with three clever, beautiful girls and leave it at that because I want the girls to fill in their own blanks.

This weekend, though, I was reminded of just how special a twin bond can be, and how important it is for me to foster the positive aspects of this relationship. After all, they are more than sisters. They are womb-mates, partners right from the beginning. They are almost always by each other's side; one's very presence is a comfort to the other.

I am still not sure if they are identical or not, but after some good talks and contemplation, I think I'll pursue testing. Regardless of their DNA, these two are definitely peas in a pod on a level unto their own.

Each nap and every night, they engage in a lively banter back and forth across the nursery. Though confined to their respective cribs, they babble, giggle, emote and sigh happily together. Sometimes I spy on them, and I notice they don't even need to be sitting up looking at each other. Often, they just talk from their chosen comfy crib spots, while they stare at the ceiling. 

They follow each other into mischief and exploration across the house when they're awake. They observe what the other is doing in her high chair, looking to see who will taste the funny-looking food stuff on their trays first. If one tries a new trick, the other is quick to imitate. This past week, they both began to walk within a day of each other. 

I usually hang back and watch them interact with each other and Abby, delighting in the bonds of sisterhood I see forming. Of course, other times it's all I can do to not get down on the floor and explore with them, letting them return to my lap for comfort as needed. I love watching them grow as wonderfully amazing individuals, but sometimes I need to acknowledge how extra special it is to see them grow together.

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