Thursday, March 7, 2013

Splish Splash

I've gotta say, by the time 6:20 rolls around I am usually at my worst. There are kids crying, tired and cranky because the day has been long, bed time is near, and their little body clocks have begun winding down, foregoing all self control. My own body knows what time of day it is too-- I am less than an hour away from putting my feet up. My lower back is sore with the weight of a growing belly and the strain of hoisting, lifting and helping little Hailey and Robin as they go about their days. My bra band is getting tight and uncomfortable. My pants' elastic-waist is tight with the post-suppertime bloat. I am apt to snap if one more kid comes whining to me about something completely frivolous, but I repeat to myself, "almost there, almost there."
'There' meaning bath time. My favourite time of day. The eye of the storm, if you will, between the pre-bathtime whining and crying and the 'into-your-jammies and go to sleep' whining. I hope you'll tell me I'm not alone in ending my day surrounded by tired, whining little voices.
Bath time is the best. Typically the babies hop in first while Abby tidies her room and picks out her jammies. They suck on their washcloths, or their toothbrushes, and I pretend it's impossible for them to be sucking on water they might have peed in. They rub fat little hands over their newly-exposed bellies and legs, thrilled at the sensation. They slap the water hard, delighted at the consequences. They slither past each other, eat each other's hands, and reach out to pull little curls at the nape of the other's neck.
Usually Abby jumps in and my three Aquarius girls enjoy singing songs, giggling that tired 'everything is funny' laugh, and getting into mischief when I'm not looking.
No matter what kind of day it has been, bath time's refreshing change of scenery and sensory gives everyone a reason to slow down, smile, and enjoy each other's company one last time before stories, lullabies and lights out.
It's totally Zen and a very easy way to be completely present in the moment (something I'm working on).
It's not bath time now, but afternoon nap time/quiet time so I will go and make use of this lull by taking a siesta and getting dinner started!


  1. Thank god for bathtime!!!

    And you are bang on with that 6:20 time. I am at my absolute worst then too. That last hour until bedtime is my least favorite time of the day. Matt does most of it, and I do all of the morning routine. But then there are nights like tonight where he gets called out to work and I have to do the bedtime routine. Even the kids don't like it and call for daddy!

  2. Bath time is hectic in our house, it's always last minute and rushed and messy and half the time someone ends up crying. We don't do it every day! But I do have some love of it, I'm that mom that chucks her kids and quickly folds some laundry or does the dinner dishes...which is why our bathroom ends up soaked haha, neglecto mama. Evenings are just chaos in general in our house, we usually don't eat dinner until 6 (or later) and then it's the mad dash of get to bed so mom and dad can melt into the couch hahaa, so I can totally relate to the whiny evening and the being at my worst!!


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