Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow Day

As someone living down South (of the 60th parallel, that is), I found it almost romantic that the Innuit people had 20 words for snow. I figured they must be very reflective and connected to nature, which I still imagine to be true. I recognize now that when one is surrounded by snow all the time, (or in my case, eight months of the year), one is bound to start identifying different kinds of snow. 
Today on my walk in the woods with Abby and Skylar, I brought my camera and began to notice the different forms snow took. It was beautiful.

The Kaska people, who in habit the eastern lands of the Yukon, call the month of March "Ahda Sa Ihts'i Sa," which translates as 'windy snow month.' Today was a very windy March day, with snow blowing across clearings, down our hiking trail, and into the holes of our toques. We moved to keep warm, but it was nippy.
Abby noticed these first, and told me they were from snowshoe hares.  She could be right!
 We hiked when the afternoon sun was beginning its descent behind the mountains, so we were treated to long shadows and the contrasts of warm sunlight and cool shade.

The wind blew up to 40 km/hour today, according to Environment Canada. It blew powerful gusts across the clearing, where the tree line breaks.


The above picture is my favourite from our walk. Cold as we were, this patch of snow looked like a warm, inviting blanket I could curl up under. I spent the rest of the walk imagining designs for a quilt that looked like snow drifts.

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