Friday, March 29, 2013

New Life

I approached Easter this year weary of how best to celebrate it with a little girl full of questions about everything. She wants to know why my name is Sarah, why we're eating yogurt at breakfast when it's usually a snack, why Hailey is bouncing in her high chair, why I am drinking water. I knew that if I got real and explained the historical significance of Easter, I'd get a reaction less of pious love than of terror.  So after much thought and some discussion with Rich, we thought we'd approach the holiday as a celebration of new life.

It is spring (technically), the sun is rising higher and lingering longer, the snow is slowly transitioning to slush and puddles, and I am eager to shake off winter's cobwebs of hibernation. When Abby and I decorated our Easter mantle, she wondered why the chicks? the bunnies? the eggs? I don't like the idea of a holiday centred around a mystical bunny who enters the home and sets up an Easter egg hunt, because my mind cannot help but conjure horrifying images of the Donny Darko bunny. (click the link if you dare). 

So I told her we were celebrating the new life that comes with springtime: the baby animals, the budding trees, the sunny skies and the green grass after winter's snow has melted. It might be juvenile, but I admit that I like this celebration concept the best of all. 

We honour the "new year" of the traditional church calendar by approaching the season anew with the hope and light of springtime. We can make resolutions to be kinder, gentler and more patient with each other. We can remember to nurture all new life with the promise that it will grow into something spectacular.

New life in progress
This weekend, we will (hopefully) decorate eggs, get outside as a family to try and spot signs of spring in the woods, enjoy Easter Sunday brunch and dinner with friends, have a small Easter egg hunt (with no pretense as to whom hid the eggs), and then plant some flower seeds indoors to transplant into our garden once Mother Nature has fulfilled her promise of melting the snow from our front lawn.

In the meantime, we are making hourly notations of our blooming Easter lily, waiting for the moment it finally explodes into a celebratory trumpet of fragrance and pure white beauty. (I am feeling happy and poetic this afternoon).

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