Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baby Brain

Baby brain has left me fumbling for words, tripping over consonants in my speech and darting from idea to idea mid-conversation. I know this drill. I ask forgiveness of the adults nice enough to converse with me and many are understanding. That's what this blog post is today: a smattering of thoughts as they pop into my foggy brain.

- I am 21 weeks pregnant and this week that seems to mean: craving M&M Meat Shop's baked cranberry brie,  having really funny dreams (like organizing a high school prom in a candy shop and then eating all the candy beforehand), having to sleep on my side, and feeling much more movement below my skin's surface. It's exciting and kind of fun, this pregnancy.
- I am going to go make these granola balls after I finish this up, because snacks like this are a lifeline this pregnancy. I often resort to cramming food in my mouth really fast, hiding in a corner for the brief moment no kid is watching me.
- Like my new blog banner? I thought it epitomized "curing boredom" quite well. I also bought my domain, so we're a dot com operation around here. It was only $10/year from Google!
- An Internet friend of mine and her wife have just found out they're pregnant again, after engaging in some really basic at-home insemination, and that fascinates me. They conceived their oldest child this way, and I have seen them be pretty, well, typically awesome parents to this cutie kid.
- Their story and this story have made me reflect this weekend on what a kid needs to be happy. I used to think from a purely psychological standpoint, the male-female parental dichotomy was optimal for raising kids, but believed that of course two same-sex parents could do an amazing job raising children as well. Given the rainbow of family structures, I know it all comes down to love and security as the primary influences on a child's success rate, and it makes me really excited that all types of families are being formally recognized and not defined any longer as "fringe" or "alternative" lifestyles.
- Alright, time to get ball-making, then I'm going to try and finish my book, and take a little nap before we embark on a family hike and a dinner of ribs, red pepper and cornbread. Man, my life is pretty awesome today. I am blessed :)


  1. ahahahah The new header is awesome. Very awesome.

  2. I love the new banner and yay for the domain name.

    Also BIZARRE, I made those same balls on sunday but from this blog
    I had a tricky time rolling them into balls so I didn't blog about them or post pictures as I want to perfect them, but holy dinah are they good or what! They are all gone, I need to make more :) perfect snack for this mama as well ha.


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