Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Jumpstart on Baby's Musical Education

I knew, when I was pregnant with Abby, not to get too ahead of myself when it came to stimulating our unborn little girl. I wasn't opposed to playing music to my belly, but I was leery of playing a "learn to read" CD for an hour each night. (Seriously, people do it!).
Music has always been a peripheral but constant part of my life. My girls will always know growing up in a house with a variety of music. I love it, I feel it, and I really 'get it,' the art of rhythm and melody all coming together.
When pregnant with Abby, the song Yellow by Coldplay just got me all teary and sentimental, especially the line, "Your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones, turn it into something beautiful." So I held up earphones to my growing belly and played it for her, over and over. Sometimes she kicked and rolled, sometimes she just got mellow and listened, but it will always be a special song to me because of those early bonding moments. It still is in my lullaby repertoire when singing Abby, Hailey and Robin each to sleep; it's so soft and soothing when sung in the dark between mama and child.
With the twins, the song that made me get all soft and weepy was Coldplay's Sparks. The 1-2-3 beat just made me feel like a romantic, deep love was growing between me and my two babies, and it was. Again, I held our computer speakers to my belly and let Chris Martin sing us home. I felt immediate deep, guttural love for the twins and this song just captured it, that first-love butterfly feeling.
I was gifted the Rockabye Baby Coldplay CD when Abby was a baby and I love it. Putting their songs to soothing chimes and lyric-less melodies makes for excellent background noise in the early morning while making breakfast, or in the evening when making final preparations for bed.
This time, I hadn't yet picked a song until recently. The baby will just be beginning to be able to hear outside sounds, so I was in no rush. The other kids have their special Coldplay song, and while driving yesterday (home from a wipes and diaper run to Wal-Mart!) I heard it and knew that was it. It used to be one of my favourite running songs, and I am enraptured by its magical-sounding opening, like a big adventure is starting.
So here it is, baby #4's own little ditty, brought to us again by Coldplay's debut album Parachutes (one of the BEST albums of ALL TIME).


  1. I love that each babe gets their own song. YOu pay such close attention to all of them... how do you do it my dear? xox

  2. I agree, such a great album!! Thanks for the afternoon at home Coldplay concert ;)

    also you've been nominated for a Liebster award hehee


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