Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shake your groove thang

Phew! My muscles need a good long soak and my back needs some yoga attention, but what I notice tonight is how much my face hurts from smiling all day. We held Abby's fourth birthday party today and it was just so fun! We made a dance-themed party to honour Abby's enthusiasm for all things dance and it was such a blast! We had dance-offs, a dance circle, superb music and lots of tail feather-shaking. 
From the moment we said go, there was this amazing kid energy in the house. That means giggles, shrieks, running, dancing and funny voices. 

Abby dances with her friends in the kitchen to completely inappropriate songs by 50 cent
This was the first year we had Abby receive gifts at her birthday and I was impressed with her grace and appreciation. It helped that each gift was so thoughtfully picked and tailored towards her likes and talents. She received some cute hand-drawn cards (which are just the sweetest, in my eyes), games, activities, a doll, puzzles and books to keep us busy during these cold days! 

We ate hot dogs (and ran out ---oops!), and served chips and cheezies to kids who, for the most part, had never eaten them before, so that was fun to watch! Abby had also been telling us she wanted a Rapunzel cake, and then an animal cake, and one day a Christmas tree cake. I asked her last night to make her final decision and after a day spent at the Yukon Quest (more on that later), she asked for a wolf-dog cake. Done!

I only remembered to snap a picture after we began cutting, oops!)

I get so happy all over again looking at the pictures, because I can see a little girl who had so much fun and felt so special, which is all I can dream for her on her birthday. We had our wonderful friends give up their Sunday morning to come party and dance, with some coming in from as far as a two-hour drive away! We sure are lucky to have such a tight-knit, reliable and fun northern family!

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