Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm Feeling It

I have to admit, this pregnancy is kind of tough. I immediately think of the legions of women who have it harder than do I (Kate Middleton comes to mind), but this is my all-consuming journey and it's on my mind. And body.
I knew my twin pregnancy would be hard, and so I kept up my yoga practice, and did some back-strengthening exercises in anticipation of the large load I'd be supporting. It was hard, and I am in awe of what I did. This time, though, I have been feeling nonchalant to my detriment. I have had to really remind myself to do yoga, promising myself the rewards would be felt. I really want to finish each day doing nothing but sitting, eating and watching TV.
But, oh, does my body rebel. Because being pregnant with twins was tough, but being pregnant while caring for twins is physically tortuous. I know, I know, I'm complaining and whiny, but this is my current truth. Lifting babies into high chairs, out of the stroller, into the bathtub and into car seats is ergonomically not the best for my back. I am catching myself hunching over during diaper changes and outfit switches. I am working on lifting from my legs, and bending with a straight back, but sometimes I've got to act fast to stop a baby from plummeting off the couch and I don't consider my chiropractic health.
The yoga does help, and gives me a daily reminder to be conscious of my posture and kind to my body after a harrowing day of hunching, lifting and floor play. I am eating well, drinking more milk (in the form of hot mugs of Ovaltine, yum), taking my iron supplement when needed, eating more fish, drinking litres more water, taking cat naps and making time to feel baby kicks when I crawl into bed. I've been filling in a pregnancy journal (are you surprised?) and meditating more than I have in the past (which was sporadic at best). I am setting my intentions to be in the present, to take this day by day and relish in this last pregnancy, rough days and good.
Switching the focus a bit, there is less than a week until the babies turn one. I have been receiving a number of e-cards from the food bank informing me of all your generous donations as they come in. If you haven't already, please consider donating to the Whitehorse Food Bank in honour of Hailey and Robin's first birthday at this link under the Donate Money tab: Whitehorse Food Bank.

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