Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snapshot: January 15, 2013.

Phew, well that was big, at least in my world.

I have to admit I held a little trepidation inside as I shared our news publicly. I thought people would echo back the negative thoughts I held about myself in those first few weeks of pregnancy. About being responsible, choices made. Am I crazy? How will we do it?

Everyone has been really nice and supportive about it. Of course you were.
Now it's time to celebrate, really be present.

Time is going by really fast. The routine of our days sees them pass before I realize we've made it through the end of suppertime. This pregnancy contains few unknowns, and so things are passing under my radar a little more than they did before. The daylight is stretching out, this month is preparing to turn into February, and I want to stop and remember how wonderful it is to be the mother of these girls, aged 3, and 10 months old, and pregnant with another, our last baby.

So here's what it means to be right where we are right now:
Anytime I take out my (new!) camera, and point it at Robin, she makes this face. Eyes squinched shut, big toothy smile. Every time. It cracks me up. Robin has shown an interest in sorting things. She likes to put all her little toys together in baskets, on chairs or in bags. She has favourite little animal figurines that she carries around all day, holding fast, lest one of her sisters try to snatch them from her grasp.

Abby wears her heart on her sleeve. She dresses in an elaborate gown every day, wears her favourite curly clips in her curly hair, and take her socks off as soon as I'm not looking. She is getting into these really involved play scenarios with her dolls and animals that usually involve someone getting hurt, someone flying away really fast and someone feeling sick. It's all very dramatic and moves faster than the plot line of General Hospital.

Hailey loves to crawl over to me at lightning-sped and bury her head in my lap. She sucks her thumbs for comfort when one of her sisters takes away the toy she's been enjoying. She loves reading books and has to feel each page with her hands. She barks orders like an old, senile lady, but acquiesces when no one listens, carrying on with her play.

She and Robin climb everything: my legs when I'm cooking, the play kitchen, the couches, the chairs, each other. They have both started pushing little chairs and their new walker toy, thrilled with their newfound mobility. They look to each other frequently to gauge the other's reaction, or just to see what she's doing.

It's the sweetest thing in the world to peek my head into their nursery when they're supposed to be sleeping, and watch them babab and dadada and shriek to each other from their crib across the room.
Our house breathes with us, into days and out again. We spend a lot of time here, and so it is intertwined with our moments of play, rest, meal and bath. Our house is like another member of our family, a maternal presence, keeping us warm and nurturing us. 

That's life for our family as of January 15, 2013.

Stay tuned for my post Thursday announcing our big plans to give back in celebration of the twins' upcoming first birthday!

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