Monday, January 7, 2013


Yesterday I sent of my first freelance magazine article for pay. Earlier in the winter, my writing was published in my first magazine, Rhythm of the Home, and that was very exciting.
This latest submission required a bit more elbow grease, a number of interviews, lots of re-writes, some self-doubt and working right up until deadline. It was exciting and challenging. It feels so real. I know that's a strange descriptor, because of course it's real, but I feel a great sense of personal accomplishment.
Freelance writing is completely reliant upon my own motivation and determination. If I want the work, I have to come up with a good pitch, approach an appropriate publication and be approved. If I don't initiate the job, magazines don't care; they have lots more freelance pitches coming their way. I am new to this freelance magazine writing world, and I like how it is challenging me to be my own boss and market myself.
Part of this new endeavour involved having a high-resolution headshot to submit with my pieces. I found myself giggling at the narcissism required to take and select a professional-looking headshot of myself. The one I use on this blog is a picture my friend took during Easter dinner that I cropped and touched up. I was having a really bad day, but I drank a bit of wine, my friends perked me up and snap, the picture was taken. Not super professional of me, but the lighting was good and it has served its purpose until now.
Here's the one I had done yesterday, what do you think?
My visiting friend took it using my new DSLR camera. I am so excited about this camera! I found writers are responsible for most accompanying imagery with freelance jobs, and my little point-and-shoot wasn't up to snuff. I am enjoying learning how to use my Nikon D3200 properly, and can already think of a million blog-y pictures I want to take to spruce this place up a bit.


  1. I remember when that Easter photo was taken, you cropped me out LOL. Love the new picture, it's very you, natural with your brillant smile

  2. Congratulations on submitting your article, Sarah. I can't wait to read it! :) I love the new photo; it's similar in some ways to your blog avatar, but you look more grown up -- warm and composed, as opposed to giggly.

  3. (Also, I would love to hear more, sometime, about the ups and downs and why the moments of self-doubt. I can trade you stories, with regard to this album-recording thing, although you already have an inkling about some of the crises.)

    1. Mine were a lot of moments of "this is crap, no one will read this, I am an awful writer." I think all artists have that voice, don't they? Learning to tune mine out for the most part, but am not anticipating eradicating it entirely!

    2. My self-deprecating musings had nothing to do with the subject matter, just to clarify :)

  4. Yahhoooo!! Keep on writing! I am sure you are blowing everyone away. :)

  5. You made my day. Thanks for the wonderful info.


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