Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hop in

Saturdays of late have been my days to run errands without the kids, who stay home with a Daddy who has missed them all week. Today, I wanted to hit a few stores on Main Street that aren't open on Sundays in the winter (when business is slower, dontcha know), so why don't you come along with me? 
I left the house just after 10 when the sun was coming up. It was cold, about -25, so it was a good call wearing my long johns. I have to pick up a birthday card for my Dad, some face creams for Rich and I that are up to snuff with these dry winters and some birthday gifts for friends with birthdays in the next little while.

Just after turning the corner off our street, I saw two ravens huddling close for warmth. ravens are among the smartest birds in the world. 

We'll be crossing the famed Alaska highway, moving closer towards Grey Mountain in the background.

Downtown the sun has just peeked above the horizon over the Yukon River. This section of the river doesn't freeze in the winter. It is shortly downstream from the hydroelectric dam, which pushes water through so fast it warms to a temperature normally above air temps, causing steam to rise. 

I know the sky is big everywhere, but look up. It seems so vast above Whitehorse this morning.

Here we are downtown. This is pretty much it! It's a little grey and cold-looking this morning but I love our quaint Main Street. It reminds me of something out of a movie set in a quintessential small mountain town. I fed the meter my dollar for the hour and purchased my wears.

Just outside Aroma Borealis, where I was to pick up my face creams, I saw these ravens playing and snacking on something crumb-y on the sidewalk. They never cease to entertain me. There is a lot of local folklore and legend about the raven, too much for today, but suffice it to say they are an integral and common fixture of the Yukon. 

Aroma Borealis is one of my fave shops. It's like a hippy northern Body shop, and everything is handmade. The owner, Bev Gray, is a master forager who wrote The Boreal Herbal, one of my fave resources in the spring/summer for identifying and using local flora and fauna. Today I got some Rose Petal face cream and some Pure soap, made of olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax. Hope it helps!

I shuffled back in the car, which obviously had some warming up to do before I could take off.

Home again, jiggedy jig and ready to greet my three girls and get some lunch going. Today would be a perfect day for some grilled cheese and tomato soup, before we all watch the Ottawa Senators' first game of the NHL season after the lockout. Go Sens Go!

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