Monday, January 28, 2013

A Cold Winter

It is turning out to be a cold winter. I have found that typically, once the end of January rolls around, the deep freezes are over and there lingers a consistent cold, but nothing prohibitive. We often worry it might be too cold for the Sourdough Rendezvous (our annual winter carnival), or not cold enough for the Yukon Quest sled dog race (too warm and the conditions get slushy-- not good for mushing sled dogs). This winter, we have seen a few stretches of cold, meaning -35 or colder. It is the coldest one I have seen in my six winters so far.
This morning, the truck wouldn't start for Rich to get to work, so he called for a ride. The lid of my outdoor compost bin was frozen shut. The temperature with the windchill is -46. No walk for Skylar or the babies today.
But look at the frost on my windows. Abby says fairies came and sketched it there. It is beautiful, in its own frosty way. On the coldest of days, the sky makes up for the frigid air by giving us dramatic displays of colour and light across the sky (as a treat to enjoy for actually getting outside, I suppose). It is cold, really cold. 
But kind of pretty too.

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