Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Year in Review

The end of the calendar gives us all pause to reflect on what has come and gone into our lives since January 1st, 2012s. This year, I feel a familiar bit of trepidation heading into 2013. I wonder where we'll be living this time next year. Closer to home? Home? A far drive away? Down the highway from where we are now? I wonder what my three girls will be doing, what kid of hair the babies will have, whether I will have lost the baby weight or not, what my friends' lives will look like.
I am a forward-thinker in tendency and like to have a plan, or an idea, or a framework to be filled in with facts as time passes. I owe it to myself to feel accomplished, every now and again, by reflecting on where I've been this year. I've added a few tokens to my life experience chart this year, that's for sure.
If I were assembling trinkets for my 2012 time capsule (to be opened in the distant future when we wear aluminum jumpsuits and eat meals in pill form), I'd have a pretty good stash, I think.
- The tag on the key fob for the new minivan we bought in January. I love that caravan. I really do. It's a machine, I know. But is has kept us all warm and safe, transporting our new babies, our visiting family members and on Yukon road trips.
- A piece of curled ribbon from one of Abby's birthday balloons. I filled her bedroom with a whole bunch of helium-filled balloons the night before she turned three. She awoke to a balloon forest, and was so, so thrilled. I'll never forget the feeling of making her so happy.

- Two hospital bracelets that fit around my thumbs. Hailey and Robin sure were tiny when they were born five weeks early, but they didn't mind. They were hungry and warm and happy to be here on the outside.

- A breast milk storage bag. How many of these did I fill, and empty? I fed the babies primarily pumped breast milk in bottles, with daily nursing snuggles as well. Everyone helped out, especially Rich. It has been a lot of work, but so worth the effort for their health, our bond, and my family's health.
- Aluminum Foil. Between February and April, the majority of our meals were covered in aluminum foil, came from our deep-freeze, and were reheated for our nourishment. To be honest, I can't remember a lot of what happened in these months. I didn't sleep much, but I know I was happy, healthy, and well-fed. The symbolism here of the aluminum foil is how totally there for us our northern family was during those off-kilter, wobbly first few months with twins.
- An American flag: We took the babies' on their first international excursion to Skagway, Alaska, where we met up with our cousins from Sooke. We met their new baby, they met ours, we took a helicopter ride through the glaciers, and Abby danced along the boardwalk with her cousin like a little goofball.

- Plane tickets! I am so glad we went home this summer to show off our babies and Abby's phenomenal big sister skills. We went to Holly's prom and high school graduation, visited my in-laws cottage, celebrated my friend's engagement, road-tripped to Kingston, baptized the twins and reunited with our roots.
- A sharpie. For the first time, I sent my little girl off to preschool. To prepare, I had to etch her name onto her backpack, indoor shoes, and jacket wit a Sharpie marker. I felt like such a mom. Abby has really flourished at preschool, and I am so glad she has this place to go socialize with other kids, learn new things, and grow in an environment all on her own. She's fantastic.
- A piece of driftwood. We took our first family road trip to Haines, Alaska, fulfilling a dream of mine and a happy vision for my family. We all enjoyed our quiet, beach vacation in a most beautiful, serene place on the ocean.
- A flash drive. I started writing again this fall, really writing. Writing poems, articles for print, personal musings, my first magazine article, and some creative writing exercises. It felt really good and I am running with it full throttle into the new year.
- Three pairs of matching Christmas jammies. Once we're done with them, of course. I am so happy to round out the year with my three little girls celebrating Christmas at home in Ottawa with my family. I will miss Rich achingly and, I suspect, with great difficulty. It will be tough to miss him. But I am so happy we were able to make this trip work.

We've had a good year. One of our toughest, all things considered. Not tough with tragedy, just with challenge. And I feel like I rose to each challenge and met them all, some way, somehow. I am proud of who I have grown into this year, and I am celebrating the journey it took to get here, bumps and all.

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  1. fantastic post. What a year it's been, what a lifetime is yet to come.


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