Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Today is the last calendar day, and while that helps me compartmentalize, organize and categorize, it doesn't change much in my world. I'll flip a new date, month and year tomorrow, but I will be me, my girls will be my girls and Rich will still be in the Yukon. Truthfully, I feel a lot more in the mood for new beginnings in spring when the snow melts and in autumn when the new school year starts. 
That to say, I will take advantage of invitations, being in Ottawa and having the freedom (thanks babysitter mom!) to go out and celebrate the arrival of 2013 tonight. 
My family will gather here for dinner and we'll all eat Greek food, with the guest of honour being my aunt who visits us for Christmas each year from Santorini. 
Then, when I have tucked in three little bodies and heard their breathing slow to sleep, I'll put on my city-girl shoes, head downtown and clink glasses with my best friends in a nod to "the good old days." I really love that I can celebrate this evening family-style and twentysomething-style. Great dichotomy.
Happy new year everyone, I hope good luck greets you in 2013!

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