Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's quiet here on the blog front. I am HOME* for the holidays, and enjoying my time here with my girls. Sadly, Rich was unable to join us because of his job. I miss him so much. I wouldn't ordinarily be apart from him during such an important time of year, but gracious as he is, he knew that after last Christmas in the Yukon by myself, I needed to get out and be with my people to get through this winter with my wits about me. So, here I am, Skyping him each day with his three girls perched on my lap, recounting the day's events. Those have included building snowmen, baking Christmas cookies, hosting a dinner party, wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies and hanging with family I see too seldomly.
I hope you all reading have a wonderful holiday. I urge you to please keep in mind the spirit of the season. I have seen so many beautiful and inspiring examples of this, and it more than makes up for the greedy/whiny facebook posts and complaints about materialism I have noticed. Merry Christmas, share the love, and someone please make sure Rich is eating well in the Yukon without his family, OK?

* Home is where your mom is.


  1. hehehhe I like the last part about making sure your husband is fed! I have to do the same thing when I leave Matt on his own.

    Enjoy your holiday down south with your family!

  2. Taking food over to Rich today....
    We miss you here so so much, but I'm happy to hear that you are doing what your soul needs most right now... it's so important.
    Hugs and kisses to those beautiful girls.


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