Monday, December 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Abby and I had great fun the other week opening up the big treasure chest that holds our Christmas decorations. We were careful to unwrap delicate things slowly and we squealed delightedly at things we'd forgotten. Rich was at work that day, and we were just getting bored with the cold winter weather, so what were we to do? What began with a few paper snowflakes taped to the front window escalated quickly to hanging mistletoe, laying out the Christmas tablecloth and filling our home with cheer. We even got the babies bundled up in their snowsuits for a quick trip to Canadian Tire to buy some garland for our mantle and stairwell.
I love our house at Christmas. It is so cozy, humble, warm and welcoming. I have been brewing at least five cups of tea every day, making sure to get good use out of my special Christmas tea set. We have been dialing back the number on our Rudolph-themed 'Days 'Til Christmas' sign. I have been baking treats to eat and to share, and crossing the last few items off of my Christmas gift list. I have been wrapping gifts at night in front of my favourite holiday movies (like Elf and Polar Express), and crafting a few homemade tokens for loved ones. Wait until you see what I've got the babies to 'help' me make, they're adorable!
We've been listening to all kinds of Christmas music on Songza (my favourite is Christmas at the Movies), and Abby is learning the words to Jingle Bells. The two of us are planning to attend the nutcracker ballet for the second year in a row this weekend. We have been invited to holiday parties, tobogganing afternoons, and of course we are packing for our trip home. This makes me so, so happy. Finally I can say it: I'll be home for Christmas!
There is Christmas magic all around. The real kind. It can be felt, seen, inhaled and believed. I am touched with it, and have been filling my days sharing it with my three special girls and their Daddy.

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