Thursday, November 1, 2012

It was a happy Halloween

Can I just get a general "heck yes" and an "amen" to being a mama? Because it is especially awesome being a mom on Halloween. Everyone loves cute kids in costumes, but you know who loves them most? Their moms. I think they are all squishably cute on their regular days, but add a feather boa and cat ears and I might actually consider eating them up if left too close to them for too long.
Suffice it to say, we had a great Halloween here.
Abby looked forward to the holiday for weeks this year-- something she just didn't do last year. She built it up, got very excited and finally the day came when she could dress up as Fancy Nancy for Halloween. 

Abby as Fancy Nancy, the most fabulously accessorized girl on the block.
We all attended her preschool's Halloween party that morning, where the kids crawled through a yarn spiderweb, played toilet-paper ghost bowling, applied face paint, stuck their hands in bowls of monster brains, eyes and teeth, ate deliciously spooky snacks, and performed a pumpkin song for the throng of paparazzi parents. 
The babies were a big hit dressed as my mom's cats, Gus and Nigel. Or, to everyone else, gray cat and black cat.

My love for them in these outfits borders on insanity.
Abby went trick-or-treating with her Daddy and some neighbourhood friends. I am told she struck up a conversation at every house she visited, used her manners, and had to be prodded by the cold homeowners to return to her father, please. What a Chatty Cathy she is.
I stayed home to hand out treats with the babies, who loved grabbing handfuls of wrapped M&Ms- and really, isn't that just such a cool texture to play with for 30 minutes? Hailey and Robin thought so. I spent the day with snakes in my hair, much to Abby's delight.

Rich told me to make scary eyes and then told me this picture looked good so it's all I have!

Hope you all had a safe Halloween!

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