Saturday, November 3, 2012

Home again, jiggedy jig

Yesterday, I spent the morning walking in the sea air and shopping on Robson Street.
I know, right?
I went on a quick trip with Hailey that saw us grace Vancouver's presence for a mere 20 hours.
We got in late and stayed at a fabulous, and affordable, hotel that I greedily enjoyed. Once Hailey fell asleep, I retired to the bath tub with a room service margherita pizza, tiramisu, magazines and the free Aveda bath stuff. It was luxury, and I soaked it all in (literally and figuratively!). The next morning we were up before the sun, so we enjoyed the view of skyscrapers and the beautiful Rogers Centre all lit up.
We carpe diem'ed and enjoyed a rain-free morning. Hailey had an appointment , and then I let her have a morning nap in our stroller while I walked the oak-lined streets of downtown Vancouver, listening to real sea gulls call.

Funny things I observed:
- There are many, many dog spas, dog clothing stores and dog day cares with lineups already forming out the door at 9am.
- The woman with a large blond bouffant hairdo in skintight leather, a fur coat and 4-inch stilettos pushing her own baby carriage, and we shared that motherhood camaraderie smile as we passed each other.
- People in their down jackets and scarves when the temperature was about 12 degrees. I found it humid.

When in Rome, the say, do as the Romans do. So Hailey and I checked out Whole Foods, as I've never been, and ordered a green smoothie with kale in it. It was surprisingly sweet for a drink without sugar! We picked up some dried mangoes as a treat for Abby, and some local pears as a snack.
We also walked as transportation. It took me two hours to reach downtown after our early morning appointment at BC Children's, but it was so nice to have no schedule, no objective but to walk, observe the city, take in the nice weather and eventually, make our afternoon flight home on time.
We fit in a bit of Christmas shopping, and bought Robin a cute knit sweater with, of course, a robin on it. We saw a concert on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, and naturally Hailey had a throng of admirers. She is so smiley and social, that little spirit.
My favourite adventure of ours had to be dining on gourmet grilled cheese being sold from a truck on Robson! I had a grilled cheese with boneless chicken wing meat and blue cheese sauce on crusty French bread. It was amazing, a definite food-euphoria moment for me. Then we were interviewed by a food blogger (or so he said? I haven't found his blog!) about our sandwich, and were off to catch a cab to the airport and fly home to the rest of the family.
I enjoyed our little foray, but it felt so nice to have everyone back together again. Hailey and Robin missed each other in their own baby ways, looking for the other baby in the empty high chair. Abby pouted that I left her but was won over by the mangoes.
We'll have another trip down in the new year and we'll likely go then as a family. For now, I am home and happy in my place.


  1. what a nice little 20 hour vacation and a sweet time to bond with Hailey one on one. I just lived vicariously through you reading that...ahhh 12 degrees

  2. Oh I am so jealous you got to go to Vancouver! I adore and miss my adopted home town!!


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