Sunday, November 18, 2012

Five years.

Five years ago, we sealed with a kiss and a contract the promise we had made to each other: 
forever and ever. 

We started our lives in Whitehorse on a wing and a prayer. We started with a very humble beginning but found we had more than enough.

The day was sunny, crisp, and full of laughter. I was deliriously happy and young. We were crazy in love with each other.We were in a surreal dream world of happiness, the kind that left us majorly carpe diem-ing in each other's arms that day.
We had made big dreams and set out on achieving them. We knew very little, in the beginning, about what it took to be married. We were very happy and devoted and had no idea what life had in store for us.

We moved to an isolated tiny town way up North, rolled up our sleeves and got down to business: being newlyweds in such close quarters knowing nobody required a crash course in married life. A steep learning curve, we made mistakes and learned to navigate the journey together. 
We welcomed a daughter and started the family we wanted. We did the hard stuff  on our own, which is something I might not recommend but we did it because we had to and we flourished.  We had tears and tragedy and stupid arguments and silly adventures and sweet gestures and a lot of love.
We had no idea how the steep the climb was to become, but we held fast to the promises we made to weather all of life's storms together as a loving, single unit. We found out what we were made of, and fell in love with each other's strengths.
We had some of those moments where time slows down, where we looked around at the bounty of love and fun and blessings in our lives and thought, "this is it, this is the good life"
Our dreams came true and two little girls joined our family, sealing our faith and granting our wishes. It was truly the best of times and the worst of times, and in those two polarities, we held fast to each other. We held hands tight, we smiled through tears of joy and frustration. We looked at the three little girls we had made and found innumerable reasons to celebrate.

We learned what it really means to be a partnership. How to be there for the other when one is down, how to bite our tongues and offer kind words rather than being right. We learned how to read cues when words failed, how to act before being asked, how to pick up the slack in the name of our family. 
I have fallen more in love with him this past year than in all of our 12 years together combined. I have seen him struggle and he has seen me at my lowest of lows. We know each other the best and in return for all the difficult times we are rewarded tenfold with great accomplishments, and a deep, guttural love to share. 

Happy anniversary to the one who makes me so, so happy. Who makes sure his family comes first. Who celebrates the good times and holds fast through the tough. My hero, my husband.

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  1. very sweet, you guys have been through a lot in such a short time and have endured everything. Your kids have strong role models to learn from.

  2. Your post is so beautiful! Your girls are so lucky to have such wonderful role models to learn from, emulate, and look for in their own partners.

    You are lucky to have found a partner who is as "all in" as you are (and clearly, you know that!)

  3. Wow Sarah, this is just beautiful (as all of your posts are). I feel very blessed to be able to know you both. I often look around at my friend's relationships and learn what I can from each one that I see. From yours, I take away the lesson of steadfast love. You two have such a strong and solid foundation and I think that that is the most important thing to have in a relationship.
    happy anniversary to you both. xox


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