Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dirty Secret

OK, I have a confession. (Things are about to get reeeeal up in here.)
I don't shower every day.
OK, I don't shower every other day either.
Sometimes I throw a bath in there on a quiet evening when one presents itself, but otherwise I don't get sudsy until it's been three days.
I know. O-M-G. Judge away.
But also, hear me out.
I don't stink. I don't run around with a bunch of stringy, greasy hair atop my head. I don't have dirt caked onto my skin. My face is usually pretty clear, my body skin is well-moisturized (but not dried out, either), and my hands get washed frequently throughout the day.
I just don't shower that often.
It's not because I am some lazy sloth woman who cannot fathom rising from my recliner to bathe in between PVR'd Breaking Amish episodes. (I know that show is trash, but I told you we were getting real). I just don't need to shower.
I came across this realization quite by accident, of course. I was very, very tired and felt queasy in a hot shower when I was first pregnant with the twins, so I let my hygiene habits slide. A little.
I was surprised that after a couple of weeks of this relaxed bathing schedule, my hair didn't get greasy between washes. I could go three, four days without washing it and it looked just fine.
Then I realized: Hey! I am not a farmer who needs to scrub dirt layers from her skin every evening. I am not a hyper-hormonal pubescent teen who feels a strong desire to shower twice daily to combat body odour. I am not actually scrubbing anything of note off of my skin when I shower every day. If anything, I had been drying my body's skin out in this northern, arid air. My face and hair too.
Today my skin is in great shape, I use less shampoo, conditioner, and soap (one squirt of each every three days), my razored-off leg hair grows back slower-- and this means I save money. (I wear my frugality badge with pride). I use less water, which I don't pay for by consumption but, still, it might balance out the load of cloth diapers I wash every two or three days instead. My hair retains its shine and colour, because it is not constantly being gooped-up with product and films.
So, there you have it. I exfoliate once a week-ish, I remove makeup and dirt from my face every night before I turn in with water and a baby wipe, I apply deodorant every morning and brush my teeth twice daily, but I no longer find it necessary to shower as often as I used to. Give it a try, I swear you'll be impressed with how your body reacts. Now think of the time you can save to use for other things, like watching Mafia Wives or Oprah's Next Chapter.


  1. I'm betting there are more people who do this than will publicly admit it. It's ridiculous how much we (as a society) shower. I have oily skin and oily hair, and still only need to shower once every 3 or 4 days. Probably the climate here helps extend the time, but still, you're right. Absolutely.

  2. Good for you! I agree, most people probably do this but don't admit to it. I'm in the shower every other day camp, hair washing every 3 days. And I don't use soap on my face in the morning (what would I be washing off?), just a bit of apple cider vinegar and some coconut oil. My skin and hair are much nicer than they used to be, with this more lax approach!


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